Questions & Answers

What is the Louis Vuitton Accessories Design Graduates Initiative?

The Louis Vuitton Accessories Design Graduates Initiative is a design competition open to fashion and design students in their final year at one of the selected European schools and universities.

When is the Louis Vuitton Accessories Design Graduates Initiative?

The Initiative is launching on November 30th, 2023.

What are the objectives of the Initiative?

The Initiative aims to reward excellence and inspire the next generation of designers to embrace careers at Louis Vuitton, by celebrating expert savoir-faire in leather goods and accessories design.

How does the Initiative differ from the LVMH Prize?

The Initiative is only open to BA and MA graduating students in their final year at a selection of European fashion, art, and design schools and universities. The competition exclusively focuses on leather goods and accessories design, with the aim of recruiting up to five designers to work at Louis Vuitton for the first edition of the Initiative. The LVMH Prize financially rewards young designers to help with the development of their own brands.

Who developed the Initiative?

Johnny Coca, Louis Vuitton Women Fashion Leather Goods, Accessories & Gifting Creative Director, and Delphine Arnault, former Louis Vuitton Executive Vice President and now CEO of Dior, discussed their shared belief in the importance of expert design and savoir-faire. This inspired the creation of the Initiative, with the goal of encouraging the next generation of designers to discover creative opportunities within the leather goods and accessories departments.

What product categories are considered accessories?

Accessories refer to all fashion creations that are not a part of ready-to-wear, such as leather goods, belts, gloves, hats, sunglasses, jewelry. However, for the first edition of the Louis Vuitton Accessories Design Graduates Initiative, leather goods will be the main focus.

Who is Johnny Coca?

Johnny Coca is Louis Vuitton’s Women Fashion Leather Goods, Accessories & Gifting Creative Director. His career spans 25 years and he has designed iconic bags for Céline, Bally, and Mulberry before returning to Louis Vuitton where he initially started as an intern.

Can anyone apply?

For the first edition of the Louis Vuitton Accessories Design Graduates Initiative, only BA and MA graduating students from a selection of European fashion and design schools and universities are invited to apply.

Why is the Initiative only open to a selection of schools and which schools are they?

Certain fashion, art, and design schools and universities were selected based on their variety of complementary curriculums and their high standard of education in terms of creativity and innovation. You can find the list of selected schools and universities at

What is the selection process?

The LVADGI Committee first selects the fashion, design, and art schools and universities after carefully reviewing their students’ creations from shows, open days, exhibitions, creative portfolios, and social media. Following the submission deadline, the LVADGI Committee will review all applications to check their full compliance with the competition terms and conditions. They will then start selecting the most relevant concepts and profiles to be presented to the final Jury. The final Jury will meet and evaluate each candidate in person with interviews at Louis Vuitton’s headquarters in Paris. At the end of the process, finalists will be invited to Paris with their travel and accommodation expenses covered by the Maison.

What is the Initiative prize?

For the first edition of the competition’s prize, the Initiative will offer up to five Junior Designer positions at Louis Vuitton within the leather goods and accessories teams. Short-term and/or permanent contracts will be awarded, at the discretion of the Initiative’s jury.

How many winners will there be?

The Jury will choose up to five finalists.

How to apply?

Graduating students from the selected fashion and design schools and universities can register, complete their profile, and sign the Initiative’s Competition Regulations, as well as submit their project and application by the official deadline through the dedicated website at

Can designers apply as a group?

Only individual applications will be accepted and eligible for review.

Where are the Competition Regulations found?

The candidates can find all Competition Regulations on

How to prepare the application?

Candidates can find the Initiative’s creative brief, required information, and the Competition Regulations on

What are the most important criteria for the Initiative?

English proficiency is mandatory (French and/or Italian are welcome additions), as well as clarity of verbal and written expression. The ability to research strong visual inspirations and organize mood boards, color, materials, as well as bring to life a creative vision. Hand sketching, graphic design, technical drawing, and 3D design are also among the requirements. A good understanding of fashion, leather goods and luxury markets, as well as product design and industrial processes are equally important.

When is the application deadline?

Candidates can apply from November 30th, 2023 12am CET until January 31st, 2024 12am CET. After the deadline, incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limitation for the candidates to apply and submit a project to the Initiative.

What is the timeline for the Initiative ?

The Initiative will be held annually from December to April, including six weeks for creative research and project development, pre-selection, and the final Jury process in Paris according to the schedule determined by Louis Vuitton each year. Please note that the Initiative may be suspended, postponed, modified, or terminated at any time. Please find the tentative schedule for the first edition of the Initiative here:

  • Nov 30th: Official launch for candidates on digital platform
  • Dec 11th: Q&A
  • Jan 31st: Submission deadline
  • Mar: Announcement of finalists
  • Apr: Final Jury selection process
  • May: Announcement of winners

The onboarding of the winners will start as soon as possible.

Who are the Jury members?

The members of the final Jury are Louis Vuitton experts from the following métiers/departments: Design, Marketing, and Human Resources.

Where will the final Jury selection take place?

The final Jury selection will take place at Louis Vuitton’s headquarters in Paris and will include face-to-face interviews.

Will the finalists’ travel expenses be covered for the Jury selection process in Paris?

Yes, the finalists’ travel expenses will be covered by Louis Vuitton.

Do applicants have to be European to participate?

Candidates of any nationality can apply.

Do applicants need an EU work permit to apply?

In the case that a finalist is not European, the Maison will organize the required visa or work permit.

Why does the application require my personal information?

Personal information is required to identify participants, authenticate their candidacy, and project submissions, as well as protect their intellectual property, and anticipate work permits and relocation support.

Will the Initiative take place again?

The Initiative will be held annually, as determined by Louis Vuitton. Please note that the Initiative may be suspended, postponed, modified, or terminated at any time.

Why are only European schools participating?

Europe has the largest number of schools and universities dedicated to fashion, design, and art, with various histories and backgrounds. The selection for the first edition of the Initiative features a rich offering of schools which will lead to the expansion of the selection in the future.

Will the Initiative include schools from other countries in the future?

The Initiative expansion plans will be shared in due time and further options and explorations are already under development.

How are the ideas, concept, and drawings I submit to the Initiative protected?

Candidates and Louis Vuitton will retain the ownership of their existing intellectual property rights. Louis Vuitton, specifically, will retain all its intellectual property rights such as, but not limited to, the Louis Vuitton mark, LV logos and Monogram. Candidates will retain the ownership of their intellectual property rights over the developed content associated with their concept. For the sake of clarity, candidates do not acquire any right in or to any material title and any Intellectual Property belonging to Louis Vuitton or any of its affiliates.

Will my original creative concept be developed if selected as well as if not selected?

Only the winners' creative concepts will be subject to prototyping development as part of the prize, as a way to introduce them to the constraints of manufacturing and industrialization.

Will my concept be either internally or externally publicized/shared if selected as well as if not selected ?

Only the winners’ profiles, their projects for the Initiative, and the prototypes developed within the Maison’s atelier may be used for both internal and external communications, photos, as well as for the promotion of the Initiative.

Can I publicize my participation in the LVADGI on social media ?

Candidates can engage in social media communication and promotion about their participation in the LVADGI as long as the LVADGI’s strict terms and conditions are adhered to.

Can I share my creative concept on social media, in my portfolio, and with competitors and other brands?

Candidates are to take cognizance of the prevalence of intellectual theft and that their ideas can be stolen if published on social media or shared with other parties. As such, to protect both candidates and Louis Vuitton’s interests, the Maison insists that students are not to publish or publicly share anything related to the Initiative and their submission.

What actions does Louis Vuitton take towards sustainability?

At Louis Vuitton, our committed journey starts with Sourcing Responsibly, Acting on Climate Change, Committing to Circular Creativity, as well as Fostering Diversity and Inclusion and Supporting Local Communities. Louis Vuitton products are designed to last. At every stage of the creative process, we analyze the environmental impact of our creations throughout their entire life cycle: we preserve biodiversity by using fewer raw resources, in particular recycled and biosourced materials; we contribute to the climate effort by consuming less energy in the production of our products; and we integrate repairability from the first stages of the creation process. By 2022, 50% of our product categories have already undergone a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). To learn more about our Committed Journey, please visit :

Can I appeal the Jury’s decision ?

The Initiative Committee and Jury as well as Louis Vuitton’s legal teams execute their roles with fairness and diplomacy. For any claims, please contact