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This year, the

Louis Vuitton
Accessories Design Graduates Initiative is unveiled to reward the innovation, creativity, and talent of current design students. Dedicated to the next generation of creators, the competition focuses on leather goods and accessories, offering the winners an opportunity to work with one of our design departments. Exclusively open to final-year BA and MA students, the Initiative has partnered with a selection of the best European schools and universities of fashion,
design, and art.

We're always on the lookout for designers with the desire to create and make people dream every day.

Johnny Coca

Women Fashion Leather Goods, Accessories & Gifting Creative Director


At Louis Vuitton, we believe that an accessory is more than just a handbag or a mere add-on. An accessory is a key detail that transforms a simple look into a distinctive ensemble, giving voice to one’s personal style with a unique flair. Disrupting the ordinary, an accessory can reveal both a whisper of elegance or

a roar of individuality
. The Maison is seeking the next generation of
Accessory Designers.
Pioneers with innovative ideas about design, craftsmanship, and sustainability – merging traditional savoir-faire with a trailblazing vision. Creators with a passion for making pieces that stand the test of time, committed to crafting
Louis Vuitton’s future legacy.